Emily is a twenty-something living in San Francisco. She loves champagne, chicken fingers, fresh blooms and fashion.

New at Home

New at Home


I love buying little things to spruce up our home from time to time -- here are some things I'm loving at home right now!

These Rebecca Minkoff heeled beauties have made a nice home for themselves in our closet.


New fave wine for pasta night -- Leese - Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon.


Josh got me this Modernica planter + Yucca plant for my birthday -- we've made it through a week so far! (We're notorious for killing plants.)


I love this new Anthropologie pineapple pencil holder for my pens on our desk!


This little Weekly List pad is keeping me organized at home.


My sweet friend Claire gifted me these bunny ears that now live in our bedroom.


I am OB-sessed with Chrissy Teigen, and her Cravings cookbook is no exception! We've already made a few recipes and they're so yummy.


Baies will always be my favorite scent -- welcome home, new candle!


This marble holder now houses all of our spoons in the kitchen -- I love the look of it!

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