10 Best Brunch Places in San Francisco

Hi everyone! I'm Katie from the female travel blog The Traveling Spud and I'm so excited to be guest posting for Emily!

After living in San Francisco for about 4 years, I can finally consider myself a bacon, mimosa, and overall brunch expert. I’ve tried a gazillion brunch spots in SF throughout the years, some terrible and some awesome, and have finally compiled a list of my 10 best brunch places in San Francisco. Here are my absolute faves!

1. Mission Rock Resort

There aren't a ton of restaurants in the city right smack dab on the water. When I found out about Mission Rock Resort I was so excited that it was waterfront and has....wait for it..... Chipotle Bacon Bloody Marys! They also have fresh oysters and bottomless mimosas. YUM!



2. Sweet Maple

Millionaire Bacon here is UNREAL. I cannot even begin to tell you my love affair. I always, always order an extra plate of the bacon and eat it all.



3. Brenda’s Soul Food

If you're prepared for a wait, but ready for some of the best southern creole/cajun food you've ever had mixed in a brunch menu, then go here. It's amaze.



4. Straw

Everything about this restaurant is whimsical and circus themed. You can sit inside of one of the old tilt-a-whirl rides and order things like donut burgers and red velvet waffles. They even have red velvet BBQ dipping sauce. Yes please.



5. Foreign Cinema

The ambiance here is wonderful! I love the natural lighting and outside seating. It's fresh and airy and they specialize in farm to table recipes and healthy brunch options.



6. Mama’s

Be prepared to wait in the longest line of your life to get into Mama's. This is mainly because the food is incredible and the restaurant is tiny. If you have the patience to wait in the line you'll quite possibly have one of the best crab egg benedicts and homemade coffee cake you've ever had. Ever.



7. Zazie

If you can, try and sit outside on their cute little patio. I love the patio's ambiance almost as much as I love their selection of eggs benedict. I always order the waffle sampler with my friends and we share some eggs benny on the side.



8. Cliff House

If you're looking for an old SF classic institution then this is your place. The restaurant is literally sitting over the ocean and they are set up somewhat like a diner. Make sure to get their homemade scones with your meal!



9. farmerbrown

I went here on a whim one day and fell in love. It's located on Mason St. in a sketch part of town, but the food here was fantastic! Especially if you're into southern comfort food and chicken and waffles. My favorites are the hash and skillets.



10. Blackwood

Blackwood sits on one of the cutest streets in SF, Chestnut, and has a huge selection of brunch items. It never disappoints!



Hopefully this list helps you if you’re in a scramble (no pun intended) to find a new, but amazing, brunch spot in SF. If you’re not from here, come visit us soon and be ready to experience the incredible brunch culture of San Francisco!



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