10 Products You Need For Your Next Trip

I love traveling, but one thing I love even more than traveling is preparing for a trip. I know it sounds crazy (everyone seems to hate prepping for trips), but when you invest in products that make your life easier, I actually look forward to packing and getting organized for my next vacation.

Here are 10 products I would suggest buying for your next vacation:

1. GoToob.

Little travel sizes are fun, but you know what's even more fun? Having the products you normally use with you on vacation. Instead of paying double for mini little travel sizes of things, I just invested in some GoToobs and fill them up with my shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and face lotion from home. Plus, they come in so many cute colors and sizes—and Josh and I can have our own sets!

2. Madewell's transparent travel containers.

My mom gifted me both the small and large crystalline travel bags from Madewell for my birthday, and I am completely obsessed with them. I hate travel bags where you throw everything in and have to pour everything out on the bathroom counter to find a thing—but these ones are transparent. I got one for my makeup and one for my toiletries!

3. A hardshell carry-on suitcase.

This is a must, in my opinion. Now that I have a hardshell carry-on suitcase, I would never go back to any other kind of carry-on. I'm partial to the ones from Away, but this Calvin Klein option is a bit cheaper—and just as chic.

4. Comfortable flats.

If I've learned anything from traveling, it's to get comfortable shoes—that are super cute. I hate when people think they have to wear sneakers on vacations because that's the ONLY comfortable shoe. Ballet flats to me are just as comfortable, and so are some sandals! These Tory Burch flats are a great option for any trip.

5. A silk pillow case.

I'm just going to admit it: I am WEIRD about other people's sheets and towels. Quite frankly, I never feel comfortable when I'm sleeping or showering when I travel unless I have my own pillow case (or am staying at a SUPER nice hotel where I'm not worried about it). This option from Slip is only $79 and is a total luxury—I wouldn't freak out about germs at all with it!

6. A chic passport case.

How adorable is this Thacker NYC passport case—and it's only $35! I love passport cases because you can find your passport so much easier in your bag, and it's a fun little accessory that makes your trip feel that much more special.

7. Hand sanitizer.

I'm actually incredibly grossed out by how goopy Purell typically is, but hand sanitizer spray is my jam! I love these three in particular: EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray, these EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer Wipes, and this Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray.

8. A charging brick.

I never leave home without a charging brick—not just for long trips, but even when I go to work and dinner after, I always have my Mophie charging brick and an extra cable with me. You never know when you'll need it, even with the 7 Plus battery life!

9. Face masks.

You guys already know I love my face masks (you can find my favorites here) and I never go on a trip without one (or three or four). My skin can freak out on vacation, so this is my way of normalizing it a bit and relaxing after a long day of travel.

10. A carry-on cocktail kit.

Why not, you're on vacay! I always throw a carry-on cocktail kit (this gin & tonic one, to be specific) in my purse (alongside a little airplane shot of gin) so that I can mix up a fancy cocktail on the plane on my way somewhere special.

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