2016 Changes: No Cruelty

My blog break was so relaxing and necessary -- I'm so excited to be back, and fully recharged for this year. I also wanted to make a fun announcement that I'm really proud of! Josh and I aren't extremely into resolutions, but one thing we feel really strongly about is going 100% cruelty-free in all of the products that we buy for our home. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, makeup -- whatever it is, we're only buying from brands who don't use harsh chemicals or test on animals.


How to go cruelty-free at your home

Instead of throwing everything away at once and starting fresh, we're slowly but surely working cruelty-free products into our home. So when one thing runs out, we order new from one of the cruelty-free brands below. Something about tossing out full bottles of products felt wasteful to me, not to mention it's way cheaper to do it over time as opposed to all at once.

Where to shop cruelty-free products

We're lucky enough that a few extremely great brands exist -- including Honest, Honest Beauty, Glossier, Mrs. Meyers, Caldrea, Aveda, Aesop and Kai -- to make this transition easy. It's definitely hard clearing my cabinets of the old products I used to use, but it's for a worthy cause and I'm excited to embark on this journey.

If you're interested to see if a brand you're currently using tests on animals or uses harsh chemicals, visit Peta and use their tool to search for cruelty-free cosmetics, personal products and more!