My Thoughts on the 2016 Election + Changes to Dear Serendipity

So many bloggers I follow have said in the past few weeks and months that they "don't discuss politics on their blog" and "want to keep the two worlds separate". That's great for them. I, however, am simply unable to do that anymore. My blog is who I am. I have spent five years building and nurturing it and it represents everything I stand for. So, it's time to get real. If you unfollow me based on tonight's post: goodbye, see ya, hasta la vista.

I have posted a few times on my social media and on this blog about how I met Hillary Clinton and how #ImWithHer — that's no secret. I believed in my heart of hearts (and still very much do) that she was one of the most qualified people we have ever run for the office of President of the United States. She believes in everything I believe in, and so much more: women's rights, making families stronger, LGBTQ-rights, equal pay, affordable care, common-sense gun legislation, climate change: the list goes on and on.

I have chosen to remain mildly silent throughout this whole election cycle — maybe not on my personal Twitter account, but on my blog, for the most part. I cannot be silent any longer.

To talk about shoes, handbags, holiday gift guides or to try and make money from my blog in any other way at a time like this seems completely and utterly irresponsible. I've found myself questioning how other bloggers have jumped back into things like nothing happened. The answer is probably vain: it's a high earning period for bloggers, why sabotage that in any way? Because this is simply too important. Now is not the time for #sponsoredposts. It's the time to mourn, to rebuild, and to be better.

For the next week, Dear Serendipity will cease to be a fashion blog. I don't care about fashion right now, and unless your shirt has #NastyWoman on it I don't want to hear about it. I'm going to highlight a different charity or organization each day that I believe in, until next Friday. We may have a President who believes he can grab women by the pussy, but I won't go down without a fight. If you're as angry, disappointed, discouraged or sad as I am, don't use your emotion to divide our country even more than it already is. This is a democracy, the people have spoken, and we live in the greatest country on the planet.

Instead: Get involved. Use your voice. Help one person or one small community in a small way. Volunteer at charities that have a mission you stand behind and help real people who are suffering in our country. Those interactions define us as Americans and give me hope that, even though Donald Trump is your President and mine, there is still good in this great nation.