4 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine's Day


It's here: the day of love. I've never been big into Valentine's Day, but I'll also take any reason to go out to dinner and spend time with Josh.

Here are four fun ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day this year, in little or big ways:

one // cook a great meal

It's never too late to head to the store and pick up a great bottle of wine and everything you need to cook your (or your partner's!) favorite meal. Turn on a french cooking playlist on Spotify, pop some vino, and spend tonight cooking an amazing meal.

two // watch your favorite movie

Whether you rent it on Apple TV or head to your favorite theater, what better day to have a mid-week movie date night?

Single? Grab a girlfriend and watch Clueless. In a relationship? Cozy up a your favorite theater and sneak in some yummy snacks, like Sugarfina candies or single-serve wine.

three // take a drive

When was the last time you hopped in the car and drove just to drive? When I lived in Phoenix, I used to drive up the mountains at night to look at the stars. Pretend you're in high school again, and just drive!

four // do something just for you

Valentine's Day is all about loveā€”but are you showing enough to yourself? Whether you want to pop on an extra-long face mask, soak in a bubble bath, or buy flowers for yourself, make sure you do something today to show yourself some extra love.

happy valentine's day, all!