4 New Beauty Favorites You Need to Try


I'm always trying new beauty products, but not all of them stick. Sometimes I'll try samples and don't fall in love—but these four products I have tried and LOVED recently:

one // aesop fabulous face oil

I know—the words "face" and "oil" in the same sentence can be scary, especially if you have anything but extremely dry skin. But this winter has been so harsh and unforgiving to my face—it's so dry, all the time. So I recently invested in a face oil from Aesop, and it's life changing. I love how much it hydrates my skin and gives me that little extra boost I need.

two // living proof dry shampoo

Until recently, I washed my hair every day. But honestly I've just gotten too busy lately to spend that much time getting ready every single day. So, I've been on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo—and I think I found it in Living Proof's Dry Shampoo. It's not a super overpowering fragrance, and it lasts all day long. Win, win!

three // eo love & flowers beloved rose perfume

I love the idea of using essential oils as perfume, especially since they don't have harsh chemicals in them and smell so pure and clean. EO recently came out with their Love + Flowers rose perfume spray, and it's the perfect scent for spring. It's lightweight, floral, and crisp.

four // ouai hair oil + finishing creme

I'm a huge fan of OUAI, and have only recently started using their hair oil and finishing creme on a regular basis. They've done such wonders for making my hair so soft, strong, and healthy—I would highly recommend using both at once!