4 Tips to Make Starting a New Job Easier

I've been at ThirdLove for about five months now, and it's the first time in my life I've ever quit a job and started a new one (that wasn't an internship that was going to end anyway). I've definitely learned a lot about starting a new job and how to make the transition process a little easier.

Here's my best advice:

1. Have an open mind.

Oftentimes when you leave a company, your mind is made up about how certain things are supposed to work, like your relationship with your manager, how certain processes should work, etc. My biggest piece of advice is to leave all of that behind at your last company. Things at the new place will likely be entirely different, so keep an open mind to avoid frustration.

2. Think of ways you can do more than what's asked of you.

The first few months at a job is your time to really show your worth to your new company. They hired you because they loved you, but keep that momentum going by raising your hand and saying yes to projects that may not necessarily fall in your wheelhouse, but you want to learn how to do. These are oftentimes the places where you learn the most, and are the most worth it.

3. Set expectations upfront.

I'm someone who has to leave work at 6 every night, or my mind turns to mush and I will not be productive. However, some people in my office stay until 7 during the week to get projects done, and will come in later in the morning than I do. I set the expectation with my manager and team upfront that I'd likely come in earlier (around 9, when most people trickle in around 10) and leave earlier (around 6) because that's when I'm most productive. Make sure to set these expectations upfront so they don't come as a surprise down the road.

4. Have fun!

People take work incredibly seriously, which is a great thing. But for the 99.9% of us who aren't actually curing cancer at their day jobs, it's nice to remember that no matter how stressful starting a new job can be, you need to maintain a threshold for fun throughout your day. Be easy on yourself and take time to get to know your new co-workers both inside and out of the office. Odds are you left your last company because you were looking for something else, so give yourself the chance to enjoy this new one.