6 Moving Tips I Wish Someone Told Me

Moving is always SUPER exciting but also really stressful. Right now, we have about a week left in our current place and I have mixed emotions. I'm so excited to be settled in our new place and make it home, but I know how much work has to be done between now and then and it can all seem pretty overwhelming at times, especially since Josh and I both just started new jobs and have a lot going on.

But, I've moved a lot in the past six years with college moves and this being our second home in San Francisco. So, I'd like to think I've gotten pretty good at it.

Here are six of my moving tips that have kept me sane:

  1. Create a Google Sheet to keep yourself organized. Some days Josh and I don't have time to get on the same page or sit down and sync on our move, so the first thing we did was create a joint Google Sheet that we both have access to with all of the details of our move in it. These are the tabs the sheet has: "To Do", "Expenses", "To Organize", "New Neighborhood Places to Visit" and "Moving Announcement Addresses". In the "To Do" tab, we assigned items to each of us so we knew who was owning what - for example, Josh was in charge of changing our Comcast account to our new address, whereas I ordered and addressed the moving announcements.
  2. Set a budget. "Budget" is probably my least favorite word, but when it comes to living with someone else, you have to be respectful of how much you're willing to spend vs. your partner or roommate. Josh tends to be the cheaper one, where I tend to be more comfortable spending more (and sometimes, too much). So, the way we set a budget is right in the middle - he needs to spend a little bit more so we don't buy low-quality things we'll just have to replace in a year, and I need to lower my expectations a bit and not blow our whole moving budget on one piece. Outline the pieces you'll need to buy for your new place and what you're both comfortable spending on them - then, find the middle ground.
  3. Get rid of things, constantly. I'm really good at getting rid of things, and I don't typically have an emotional attachment to things, but everyone can use a lesson on getting rid of things. Make a master list of every place in your apartment or house you need to clean out - your dresser, under your kitchen sink, your closet, your bar, under your bed, etc. Then, there are two ways to go about it: either knock it out in one day, or spend each day tackling one area of your place.
  4. Order moving supplies well in advance and book movers ASAP. This time around, Josh and I booked movers so we get the job done much more quickly, and I'm so happy we decided to do that. The day of will be much less stressful knowing it's in the hands of professionals who can get the job done quicker than we ever could have. But, we still ordered all of our moving boxes in advance from Uhaul. My recommendation is to get: 1) moving boxes, 2) bubble wrap (much more than you think you need!), 3) tape dispenser, 4) a ton of brown packing tape, 5) box cutters, 6) Sharpies and 7) room labels (so you know which box goes to which room in your new place). This time around we've also put together a moving kit that includes tools, nails, screws, picture hangers, a level and measuring tape so we can hang everything day one.
  5. Schedule a grocery delivery to your new place! We use Instacart to get all of our groceries, and now you can schedule grocery deliveries in advance. We're not really bringing much food from our current apartment to the new place, so we need to start fresh. Make a master list of everything you need, and then schedule your delivery for the afternoon of your new move, so you have some time to get settled before the groceries arrive. We also use Postmates or Caviar to order food for lunch during the day of our move! If you use services like Blue Apron or Munchery, it's smart to schedule those to arrive your first day in the new place if you can, so that you don't have to worry about cooking for a few days.
  6. Make it feel like home with all of your favorite things. For me, this means the second I walk into the new apartment, I make the bed, get the closet organized and unpack the bathroom. This time around my mom is coming up to help us move, and she's great at adding these little touches so a house feels like home instantly. I also bring along some brand new candles in my favorite scents (this time around I got a bunch of these Volcano candles) to light and make the new place feel instantly ours. From what I've learned, moving can feel weird for the first few weeks, so I try my best to make it feel like home from day one so the stress of being in a new environment subsides.

If you have other questions about moving or our method to the madness, feel free to email me at emily@dearserendipity.com!