5 Summer 2016 Packing Tips


With so many trips coming up, it's time to get organized! I'm a serial organizer, and that kicks into gear when I travel. Here are five of my packing trips for summer travel:

1. Pack light. I know, easier said than done. But seriously, this is what will save you time, money and energy. I always try to carry on, unless I'm going somewhere for more than 10 or so days. For every bottom, pack at least three tops. Pack one jacket that goes with everything. Pack one pair of flats and one pair of heels. Whatever you start with in terms of what you think you need, cut it in half.

2. Pack inside of other things. Shoes are the perfect place to store socks, tights and underwear. Purses are the best place to store bras, pajamas, jewelry or charging cables.

3. Leave your clunky electronics and books at home. Laptops, chargers and thick books can take up so much room in your bags and are super heavy. Instead, invest in a Kindle or iPad that you can get all of your books on. You can also check emails if you have to!

4. Pair down your beauty game. When traveling, try to cool it with the excessive products and ridiculous amounts of lotions and potions. I go with one small bag that houses all of my toiletries, and another with my makeup. I also opt for a more bare look while traveling to give my skin a break and to pack less.

5. Invest in quality luggage. I used to have a clunky blue suitcase my parents bought at Costco years ago (literally probably a decade ago). Recently, Josh and I invested in hard-shelled luggage (Amazon has great options) and it's made a world of different. Hard-shelled luggage can actually be much lighter, making it easier to fit more into and to lift into the overhead bins. I also swear by Lo & Sons - they make the best weekenders and travel bags!