Women at Work: 5 Things I Always Have on My Desk

I'm just going to be real about it: I work a lot. Between my job, my blog, and catching up on personal to-do's, I pretty much constantly have a laptop, phone, or to-do list by my side at all times.

Over the last few years, I've streamlined the things I have on my desk—and gotten rid of all of the distractions that weigh me down when I'm trying to get sh*t done. Here are the five things I always have on my desk:

1. My phone—in a cute case!

Let's be real, my phone is by my side 24/7. And I'm really influenced by my surroundings, which is why I like to swap out my phone case frequently and always have something cute on it. Currently, I'm obsessed with this Casetify 7+ case that looks like little waterpainting strokes. It's too cute!


2. My computer (obviously), also in a case.

Can you tell I'm into pink right now? I recently decked out my MacBook in a hardshell case (I kept dropping it... whoops!) and I love how it looks. It also came with a keyboard cover that matches. Best part? It's under $13!


3. Magazines and catalogs.

I love Pinterest if I'm in need of some inspiration on-the-go (their mobile app is my fave!), but it will never match the original Pinterest: tearing out pages of magazines. Sometimes when I don't know what to write about on the blog or just want to look at some beautiful images, I flip open a magazine and spend 10 minutes just soaking it all in.

P.S. Pro Tip: subscribe to your favorite magazines, and stop picking them up in the store! You'll save so much money in the long run if you just bite the bullet.


4. A Notepad or To Do List.

While I've talked before about how I organize my to-do list digitally, when I'm sitting down at my desk or dining table to get some work done, I always reach for a physical to-do list to knock things out and feel accomplished as I cross each thing off my list.

This "Totally Doable" notepad from Ashley Brooke Designs is my recent go-to—it has columns for this week (the "Long List") and today (the "Short List") so that you can prioritize what needs to get done right this second vs. what can wait. Genius!


5. Water!

I recently set a goal to drink my body weight in ounces of water each day, which is no small feat. But I've noticed that if I carry around a cute tumbler all day, it makes it much easier to stay hydrated. This one from Ashley Brooke Designs is customized for my state, California, and has the absolute cutest design on it. The first day I took it to work I had so many people asking where I got it!

What's always on your desk? Let me know in the comments section! In the meantime, I linked to all of my favorites below: