5 Things to do When You Just Can't Anymore

Sorry for the radio silence around here the last week, guys—it's been a doozy! 

A few weeks ago, Josh sprained his ankle, and then I got sick. And then, we traveled to San Diego for my grandma's 90th birthday (which was so fun) but TIRING. I got home last night after flying into SFO and going straight into a full day of work thinking "this is it—this is my breaking point!"

Do you ever feel that way—like you just can't go on anymore and have to completely hit the pause button on your life?

It doesn't happen to me often, but when it does, here's what I do:

1. Do something that you know calms you down.

When I organize, I feel at ease. So when I got home from work with a million emails, packages to go through, bags to unpack, and dinner that needed to be made, I took a deep breath, lit my favorite fall candle ('tis the season!) and started organizing everything. I fully understand for some people, organizing and being obsessive could just stress you out more, but for me, it calms me down to make my surroundings a bit more peaceful.

2. Find a distraction.

My distraction came in the form of the 10 year anniversary of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but whatever floats your boat. When you're overwhelmed and stressed, find something that takes your mind off of things, even if just for an hour.

3. Put your phone down—seriously.

It used to relax me to scroll through Instagram, but now it just freaks me out even more. Every time I'm on my phone there's some terrible news alert or tweet saying the world is ending, and it makes me even more stressed out. When I'm having one of those days, I come home and dock my phone in my charging station, and try not to pull it out all night.

4. Meditate! 

I'm trying (keyword: TRYING) to become a meditator. My mind pretty much never turns off, so for me, meditation is a tricky business of trying to sit still long enough to focus. But, with the Headspace app, I've become better at it—and I definitely take advantage of their singles, that are meant for specific, targeted moments. For example, there's one called "SOS", that you can listen to when you're seriously in need of a calming force. I highly recommend it when you're feeling overwhelmed!

5. Remember: tomorrow is a new day.

Sometimes it's easy to get really caught up in your own emotions, fears, or frustrations. Sometimes, you can't see outside of it, and feel like you're going to be stuck this way forever. No matter how hard or stressful of a day I've had, I always try to end each day on this note: tomorrow is a new day, and I get to wake up and make it better.

What are your best tips for calming down after a hard day, week, or month? Let me know in the comments section!