5 Travel Tips for 2016 Summer Travel


I'm about to head out on a few big trips -- Chicago, Washington and Washington D.C. -- and when I have this much travel in a few weeks I always try to prep myself as best I can. Here are the five things I've learned that will make your vacations or work trips much more enjoyable:

1. Get organized before you leave. The worst thing in the world is leaving home feeling totally unorganized and unprepared. I always take a night before I leave to make a packing list, section off items in my closet to pack, edit down my wardrobe and get my ducks in a row. It makes me feel so much better when I actually take off, knowing I took the time I needed to prepare.

2. Pack items within a color scheme. When I pack for any trip, I try to keep my items within the same color scheme so everything goes together. This makes it so much easier to throw something on and go!

3. Drink way more water than usual while you're traveling. I try to drink a lot of water anyway, but staying hydrated during your travels is the number one way to avoid jetlag and arrive at your destination happy and refreshed.

4. Pack a kit. We make fun of my friend Korryn because she has a "kit" everywhere she goes with her necessities, but it seriously comes in handy. I've created a little one that I keep in my purse when I'm traveling and it's the smartest thing I've ever done. I include: band-aids, hair ties, bobby pins, screen wipes, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, eye drops, contact case, lip balm, lipstick, mini perfume, Tide to-go pen, Emergen-C, advil, allergy meds, a pen and safety pins.

5. Plan 30% of your trip, ad-lib the rest. I used to be extremely particular about always planning everything on trips, but the more I've traveled the more I've learned that you should leave most of your trip free to do what you please that given day. However, I still plan some reservations at hard-to-get spots and research places I want to go in advance so I have a short list.