5 Ways to Prep for Any Trip


I've been traveling more frequently for work lately, and I've always considered myself a great traveler. I love making plans, creating lists, and organizing all of my things. This Friday, I'm taking off for 24 hours to LA, and I wanted to share five ways I prep for every single trip—whether it's 24 hours or two weeks.

one // make a packing list

I literally do this for every. single. trip.—whether it's for work, for fun, for a day, or for 14 days, it always gets done. I typically start it about a week early, and I'll break my list into categories: Clothes, Accessories, Toiletries, Technology, and Other. A packing list is the only way I can ensure I'm not forgetting everything, no matter how much or how little I'm bringing with me.

two // clean before you go

This is a non-negotiable for me before I take off—I clean my apartment before every single trip I take. Might sound crazy, but coming home to fresh sheets and a clean apartment is the single BEST feeling in the entire world.

P.S. on the note of planning ahead: I also will schedule my grocery delivery before I leave so that I come home to fresh food and don't have to worry about it.

three // prep yourself

I always like to prepare to have everything I'll need for a journey, even if it's a quick one. For me, this means things like packing snacks for the plane and also wipes (like these ones) to disinfect the plane and hotel when I arrive. It also means things like having a little bag in my carry-on full of in-flight essentials, like hand sanitizer, headphones, chapstick, a hair tie, band-aids, extra chargers, and everything else I find myself wanting at 30,000 feet. Having these little luxuries on hand makes every trip smoother and more enjoyable.

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four // plan 50%, leave 50% to chance

Are you sensing a theme here? I'm a planner by nature—but that doesn't mean I don't also leave some things to chance. My general rule is that I plan 50% of things wherever I'm going, and typically that means I have a place to stay, and some reservations booked for meals. Otherwise, I leave everything up to chance or my mood that day, and oftentimes I'll just go with a laundry list of recommendations from friends/family in the Notes App on my phone, and just go with whatever I feel like that day. This method ensures I have back up plans if necessary, but that I can have fun and go with the flow on any trip.

five // plan moments to unplug

I try to do this on every trip, ESPECIALLY work trips! Whether this means you're turning your notifications off on a vacation or planning to hit a yoga class for an hour of detoxing on a work trip, try and carve out time to unplug on your next trip. It's so necessary and if you plan it in advance (especially if you spend $$ on it!) you're way more likely to follow through.