A Day in the Life: What My "Typical Day" Looks Like

A lot of the inspiration behind the posts I bring you guys here comes from my favorite blogs, and one of the most interesting things I think to read are "day in the life" posts. I love seeing how other people spend their days, allocate their time and the little quirks throughout them. So, I thought I would walk you through a day in my life -- and how I juggle it all!

7 AM | Wake Up

I get up at 7 every day -- if I get up any earlier, I will be a zombie. I am not (NOT) a morning person. Typically, our alarm goes off at 7, Josh hops in the shower, and I lay in bed for an hour. Josh brings me my phone and coffee in the morning (seriously, he is THE best) and I go through all of my emails, social channels and get a little work done for my blog. Sometimes I turn on the news, but lately that's a little scary. Check out these tips for how I make mornings easier.

8 AM | Shower

It typically takes me about an hour to get ready in the morning, so at 8 I shower and then listen to my favorite podcast (Pod Save America) while I get ready. Check out these five beauty products I use in the morning that I can't live without!

9 AM | Head to Work

I'm not a big breakfast person, so I typically grab a bar on my way out the door, put in headphones and head to work. I take the bus (it takes about 10 minutes to get to my office) and I normally get to work around 9:15.

9:15 AM - 12 PM | Tackle Big Projects

I work at ThirdLove as a Social Media Manager, and I manage all of our social channels, blog, and marketing campaigns. It's SO much fun. I work in an office in SF with 40 other people, and it's such a scrappy, small environment where I'm learning a ton.

I lose steam fast after I eat lunch, so I try to head into work at ThirdLove with an action plan each day and put my biggest, hardest projects first. These are the emails that have to be sent, all of the social campaigns that need to go live and have the big meetings (if I'm presenting something, I like to get it over with in the mornings). And, I try to take at least one coffee break in the morning and get out of the office to keep things moving.

12 PM | Lunch

This is embarrassing, but most days I bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to lunch. LOL, I love them! It's so easy and quick, too.

12:30 PM - 6 PM | Finish Work @ ThirdLove

I try to reserve "easier" projects for the second half of my day. I'm definitely better at writing in the afternoon, so I save a lot of my writing projects for post-lunch. Blog posts are great for 12:30-6. Before I leave every day, I clear out my inbox (I try to keep Inbox 0 at all times) and I make my to-do list for the next day. Those two tips keep me super organized and sane at work!

6:30 | Dinner with Josh

Unless I have a blog event or dinner out, I try to have dinner with Josh every night. We either meet somewhere after work or I head home and we cook together. We actually are really good about eating at home, and cook together most nights!

7:30 - 10 PM | Catch-Up Time

Juggling a blog and work is hard, and nights are the time I play catch up on errands, emails and blog stuff that I don't have time for throughout the day. Typically, we catch up on our favorite shows (right now I'm re-watching my favorite, The Newsroom) and I write blog post, edit photos, clear through my blog inbox and schedule Dear Serendipity social posts. I also try to read my favorite blogs each night! Right now, I'm loving Sequins & Stripes and Bows & Sequins.

What does a day in your life look like? Leave a comment below!