Checklist: Detox Day


As someone who worked in social media marketing for four years (and who lives in San Francisco, one of the most techie and connected cities in the world), I’m no stranger to being on my devices all. day. long.

But sometimes, all of us need a break from our lives, to either chill out or get sh*t done. I consider these days "detox days"—days to either disconnect, or get things done in your life that you may have been putting off. I leave these days feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my life.

Here’s my best advice for creating a detox day in your own life:

One // Prep for the Big Even

Sit down and put pen to paper here. If you had a day free of distraction and obligation, what would you do? Make a list. Items could include things you want to do—go to the spa, shop, get a mani/pedi—or things you have to do that you just never make time for—a hair cut, returns, or random errands. Make your list, and don’t stop until you’ve exhausted all options.

Two // Make it Happen

Now that you have your list, figure out how much time you’ll need to really unplug and make it all happen. Do you have an afternoon free? You could knock a few things off then. A weekend day? Even better—that will lead to ultimate relaxation and detoxing.

Three // Put it on the Calendar

Schedule your detox day in advance to ensure it actually happens! And, make it known to the people in your life—your friends, significant other, or kids—that you’re officially checked out between those hours and will be #unreachable.

Four // Rid Your Day from Distraction

Now that the big day is here and you have time to unwind, put your devices away so you can really take full advantage of the moment. For me, this means docking my computer and phone in a charging station at home, so they’re out of sight and out of mind. Having a day to detox from not only the responsibilities in your life but also the devices that you’re constantly on is so important to ensuring you actually relax and recharge.

five // when all else fails, return to the basics

Has your detox day gone awry, or has life gotten in the way? No worries—it happens. Here are some of my favorite products for detoxing my life in a pinch:

could you use a detox day in your life? what would be on your list? let me know in the comments section!