Chop Chop

Leith tee // Mural jacket(via Nordstrom Savvy) // Michael Stars scarf // Joe's jeans // Boutique boots // Kate Spade bag

The past six months or so I've made a few hair changes. I chopped off my way-too-long hair (it was gross, annoying and so not my style) and ended up cutting about eight inches off right before I headed to London last summer. It felt freeing, fresh, clean and so light. Since I only trust my stylist in SF (if you live in the area, visit Harper Paige Salon and see Sarah!), I haven't gotten my hair cut since August. It was getting to a middle ground that I felt uncomfortable with - my hair is stick-straight naturally, and the longer it gets, the flatter and more boring it seems to be. Anyway, I chopped another two-three inches off yesterday and I couldn't feel more like myself. I'm back!

Emily Piskulick