Chop Chop: Hair Update + New Products I'm Loving

Oops, I did it again... this weekend, I chopped a few inches off my hair again! Sometimes I get these random urges to do something crazy, and instead of getting another tattoo, I take it out on my hair. Plus, after I saw Kendall Jenner's lob at the Met Gala, I knew I had to go big.

I go to Mike Page, a stylist in San Francisco I've seen for years, and he does the best job with my hair. Typically, I go for something super clean and straight across the bottom, but this time I wanted something a little more fun and messy.

Things I'm learning, however: it's harder to style shorter hair that's choppy at the edges. My usual routine of blow drying, straightening and adding some shine for a sleek look is no longer making the cut—now, I need some new products to style it and keep it looking good.

I've had my eyes on this Drybar brush for a while (after all, it's only $16!) and it's helping me keep my new hair detangled. I also need some added texture now (my stick thin hair falls incredibly straight) and this Triple Sec spray gives me so much texture—and it lasts all day. I love using it to make my hair a little messy and give it some much-needed volume.