Coffee Talk: 4 Ways to be More Eco Friendly Right Now


In the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about how Josh and I can reduce our waste and be more eco-friendly.

Here are a few little changes I've made in the past few weeks that you can make easily, too:

one // plastic be gone

I'm at the point where I'm now a little annoyed when I see people wasting plastic in any form. It's just so wasteful! Here are just a few ways you might be wasting plastic:

  • Grabbing to-go coffees or drinks throughout the day

  • Drinking disposable water bottles

  • using plastic tupperware, ziploc bags, straws, etc.

Instead of wasting plastic these ways, try investing in a few reusable things like:

  • a yeti cup for water

  • a coffee mug to keep on your desk

  • glass tupperware and silicone bags for food storage

  • silicone or metal straws

two // compost

In our building we have to compost, which I kind of like because it forces us to do something really good for the planet. Here are a few tips on how to get started composting!

three // invest in brands who care

Being eco-friendly can extend to the brands you buy from and the clothes you wear. I've recently received a few pairs of Rothy's shoes, a brand who makes their flats out of 100% recycled materials (mainly plastic water bottles that are otherwise sitting in landfills). Use your dollars where they count, and support sustainable brands wherever possible.

four // use less energy

This is something I am really bad at—I'm always leaving on lights, taking a hot shower for a little too long on cold mornings, or letting the water run when I do dishes or brush my teeth. But I'm trying to make a conscious effort to be better about my usage and limit it when I can.

what are you doing to be more eco-friendly? let me know in the comments section!