Coffee Talk: 5 Quick Ways to Feel Healthier


Do you ever just not feel that great? After I travel a lot or have too many late nights in a row, sometimes I need a health pick-me-up.

Here are five quick ways to reset and refresh to feel healthier:

drink (way too much) water

Seriously—you've heard it a million times. But odds are, you need to be drinking way more water. I try to drink 100 oz. a day, and if I'm feeling shitty this is my first go-to.

stock up on juices

My favorite in SF is Pressed Juicery—if I'm ever in a major health rut, I order six juices and stock up my fridge for the day to cleanse it all out. The best IMO are Greens 2, Citrus 3, Charcoal Lemonade, and Strawberry Apple Lime.

get a (really biG) salad

I always gravitate towards raw fruits and veggies after a long trip, or carb-load—it's the cleanest way to snack while feeling better. I love Mixt and sweetgreen in SF!

go to bed earlier

If you don't feel well or feel sluggish, crawl into bed at least an hour before you usually would to catch some extra zzz's. This is the thing that will make you feel both immediately better and better over time—sleep is so important!

get some fresh air

Whether you're up for a 30-minute run or just want to take a long walk in the fresh air, there's nothing that makes me feel better than getting my heart rate up or taking in SF by walking around the Bay.

what do you do when you're feeling less than great? let me know in the comments section!