Coffee Talk: 5 Things You May Not Know About Me


I have written this blog for almost seven years (!!)—but how much do you actually know about me?

Here are five things that have been on my mind recently that I wanted to share so you can get to know me better:

one // i don't have a five-year plan

I am the queen bee of organization, so you would think I do. Usually, I love having a plan, a to-do list, and the satisfaction that comes from checking items off one by one. I love setting goals and accomplishing them. So it's kind of funny that I am absolutely not one to think too hard about the future: especially when it comes to marriage, kids, and starting a family. I have absolutely no idea what the next five years look like, and I am really (really) okay with that.

two // i lived in arizona for 18 years

It's true! I was born and raised in Arizona, and lived there until I was 18 and headed off to college. When people hear I'm from Arizona, they ask, "did you love it or hate it?" which I think is hilarious—it's like people who aren't from Arizona can't actually wrap their minds around the fact that I grew up in a desert and was this pale (no, I wasn't constantly sunburnt—I wore sunscreen every day!) and spent 18 years just used to 120 degree heat (I actually prefer the heat!).

three // i'm not an animal person

I have a bunny Pancakes (who recently made her Instagram debut) but I'm really allergic to most other animals (namely dogs, cats, and horses) which has led me to become whatever the opposite of an animal person is. Fun fact: Josh is the biggest animal person in the WORLD, so this is definitely going to be an issue later down the road... (lol).

four // i'm the most picky eater... ever

This is actually something I'm trying to change, and I recently went to a wellness coach to solve. For some reason, I have the palette of a five-year-old, and I like pretty basic food—and don't like stepping out of my food comfort zone. Living in a city like San Francisco has definitely caused me to step outside of those boundaries, though, and want to try new things!

five // i dream of being my own boss

I don't know quite what this looks like yet, but mark my word, it's going to happen someday. Whether it's starting a business with Josh, becoming an author (my goal since as long as I can remember), or something completely different, I dream of being my own boss and having the flexibility that comes with working for myself.