Coffee Talk: An Exercise in Gratitude + What I'm Currently Thankful For


I'm from Arizona—a border state—so the topic of family separation is personal and deeply upsetting to me. A Cup of Jo's post (linked above) outlines a ton of resources for those of you who want to help out and do something, and I've donated to a few of the resources she suggests in her post. But I've been thinking about something else lately: how grateful I am for the safety and security that I have in my life. And that got me thinking about something else: we can't take anything we have in this life for granted.

Here are a few things I'm grateful for:

one // MY HOME

I come home every day to a warm home, with a man that I love inside of it—I'm grateful for the roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in each night, and a place that feels safe and that I can call my own.

two // great food

I'm thankful that I have a meal available to me every time I need one, and not just that but to live in a city with such amazing food (from so many different cultures) available at every turn.

three // family

My family lives all over the country, but I see my dad every Sunday night for dinner like clockwork. I also get to see mom and Josh's family for holidays and throughout the year on vacations. I can't imagine not getting to see my family, or call them just to say hello.

four // a job i love

San Francisco work can be crazy an all-consuming at times, no matter where you work—but I absolutely love my job at Collectively and am so thankful I found something that I love.

what are you grateful for? let me know in the comments section!