Coffee Talk: My Favorite Holiday Pajama Sets


Holiday Traditions

Growing up, my family wasn't religious, I just happened to go to schools where we celebrated Christmas. But for me, the holidays are about much more than just December 25—they're a feeling that lasts from early November to late December. Everything is cheery, happy, and fun—and I'm good as long as I have a mug of cocoa in my hand (or a glass of champagne!), a festive movie to watch, and a cozy pair of pajamas.

Every year growing up, we'd get new holiday pj's. Either a cozy flannel set or sweats we could wear year-round. Because of how important that was growing up, holiday pj's are my favorite thing now.

My Favorite Pajamas This Year

This holiday season, I've got my eye on a few pj's for the big day. This Sleepy Jones PJ top is so cute, and would go with so many bottoms. This PJ Salvage set looks so cozy, and perfect for opening up presents. I also love little pieces like these striped socks or cozy slippers, for mulling around the house.