Coffee Talk: Quick Money-Saving Tips


Every time I make a major life change—like moving, starting a new job, or anything else—I re-evaluate some areas of my life, starting with my finances. It's always nice to take a fresh look at something that can seem daunting, but is actually pretty easy and simple when you break it down.

here are my top tips for saving money when you're trying to re-evaluate your expenses:

one // drink coffee (or tea) at home

One of the easiest ways to cut out a few bucks each day is by making your coffee or tea at home instead of buying one at your favorite coffee shop each day.

two // get a water filter + bottle

Another way to throw away money? Buying water bottles or La Croix cans throughout the week. Instead, just buy a water filter once and a travel mug and fill up at home each morning and then on the go. My favorite are this filter from Soma and this cup from Yeti, that keeps water cold all day.

three // find a smarter way to commute

In my new job, I can walk to work: it's just three blocks away. I'm so excited for the shorter commute and to not have to pay for Lyft or even bus rides anymore. I'm not suggesting quit your job to make your commute easier (ha!) although I am saying you should re-evaluate how you get to work and see if there's a cheaper alternative. Walking or biking is great exercise, and can also be a much-needed way to clear your head.

four // cut out frivolous, reoccurring expenses

Subscription boxes, gym memberships you never use, hidden fees, I'm looking at you. Print out a month's worth of charges on your debit and credit cards, and highlight (yes, using a real highlighter) any expenses you can live without.

five // eat in more

One huge expense that's not worth splurging on all of the time is eating out. Josh and I try to dine in every night of the week, and only splurge one night per week on either ordering in or trying a new restaurant.

six // get crafty with date night

Speaking of nights out, date night doesn't have to mean a $100 dinner out. Pour a glass of wine and go on a nighttime walk, or find a free concert in the park near you. Regardless of what it is, shaking things up every once in a while is fun for your relationship, and can help save a few pennies.

seven // meal prep

Last thought on the topic of food: meal prep, meal prep, meal prep. At my last job I would constantly forget to pack a lunch, and then would end up spending around $10 per day on a Whole Foods lunch bar item. Instead of throwing your money away, consider prepping some salads on the weekend for the week ahead, or buying stuff to make sandwiches.