Coffee Talk: What I'm Reading Right Now


When I was little, I was a reading machine. Literally, some summers all I would do is sit in my room and read dozens of books—I would tear through them. In the last few years, life has gotten busier and busier and I've lost that reading habit, but I really want to get it back.

I've recently started going to the library, since our apartment is only a block away from San Francisco's main branch and it's so convenient. Here's what I've recently picked up:


one // the wisdom of sundays, by oprah

Oh, Oprah. How I have (recently) come to love you. I have to be honest, I was never OBSESSED with Oprah, but this new book completely changed my mind. It's a must-read!

two // big magic, by elizabeth gilbert

If you're in a creative (or life) rut, this one is definitely for you. I read Eat, Pray, Love a few years ago and loved it, and this next book from Elizabeth Gilbert did not disappoint. It's so inspiring and you'll definitely finish it thinking, "let's get to work!"

three // big little lies, by laine moriarty

Obviously, I've seen the show—and obviously I was completely obsessed with it. Before Season 2, I really want to read the book so that I can compare and contrast the two. This one is next on my list!


let's not forget coffee table books

While we're on the topic of books, let's talk my two current favorite coffee table books: Veuve Clicquot's masterpiece, and 200 Women (who will change the way you see the world).


p.s. what's josh reading?

  • troublemakers // LIVING and working in San francisco, this book feels like essential reading. Learning about the history of the internet and how silicon valley became silicon valley is, in my opinion, extremely interesting.

  • tribe of MENTORS // the latest installment by one of my favorite authors, Tim Ferriss. Go read all of his stuff, including the 4 hour work week, the 4 hour body, and tools of titans; just save this one for last.

  • The people's history of the united states // This should be required reading for anyone living in the U.s. Even if you aren't a "history buff", you need to read this book. It won't make you feel good about the history of our country, but you'll learn a ton.

  • SAPIENS // Where did humans come from? how did we evolve to where we are now? This book is about the entirely of the human race. it's endlessly fascinating and you'll learn something new every time you pick it up (i'm on my second go now).

  • THE INTERNET OF MONEY // Emily's sick of hearing me talk about it, but digital currencies and blockchain technology are going to change the world (and in lots of ways, they already are). this book is a collection of talks, so it's a breeze to read. Do yourself a favor and learn about the most important technological shift in our lifetime—you won't regret it!