Conservatory of Flowers


So, funny story.

I've wanted to visit the Conservatory of Flowers for about five years, since I moved to San Francisco. When I first moved here, I had a huge bucket list of everything I wanted to see, and for some reason I never made it to the conservatory.

This past weekend, Josh and I spent a few days exploring the city, crossing things off of our San Francisco bucket list. Mind you, this past weekend was about 95 degrees. So off to the conservatory we went, and I was so excited. I was expecting beautiful flowers in a cool space. We get there, and it was literally just a hot (and by hot I mean like 100 degrees with like 80 degree humidity inside of a large greenhouse) room full of green plants. We walked around for 10 minutes and then ran out.

Needless to say, wasn't the most fun we've had in the city. But the pictures from the day were beautiful and we've officially crossed it off our list!

Emily Piskulick