Cozy Home Updates

I think the best thing about having our own apartment is having the ability to make little changes here and there without having to consult my roommates or family (Josh likes everything, he's easy!). My friends visited last week and they are seriously the sweetest -- they brought me some of the best presents ever. A wicker basket, marble coasters, this beautiful gold frame and hilarious napkins are just a few of the adorable things they brought me.

I'm also loving this garlic Stonehouse olive oil I just picked up at the Ferry Building, using this pink Glassybaby as a lipstick holder and the piles of books I have laying around (some new favorites are French Women Don't Get Fatand Bringing Up Bébé(no -- I'm not having a kid -- I'm just intrigued by the French way of eating and raising children). I also always have fresh flowers (an addiction, yes, but Costco and Trader Joe's make them cheap!) and candles (a more expensive habit...) around the house.

What little accents do you add around your home to spruce it up throughout the year?