Decorating for Fall


If you've followed Dear Serendipity for a while, you know how much I love decorating for every season, but especially fall. I love pumpkins, orange and black, Halloween candy and everything spooky. As I've grown up and as Josh and I have lived together for a while, I've started to get more particular about decorating. Now, it's more subtle, just a little hint of the holiday here or there.


I picked up these Target wire pumpkins from Target (I think they were like $2.50 a piece, such a steal!) and I put one in our living room and one on our desk. They add such a cute touch for fall! I'm also conscious to add fall colors around the house, even if they aren't pumpkins or specifically about Halloween. This orange Glassybaby paired with some beautiful sunflowers adds the perfect fall vibe, even though it still feels like summer here in the Bay!

Emily Piskulick