A Printable Summer Packing List

If there's one adjective I would use to describe myself when it comes to travel, it's organized.

I've never gotten very stressed about trips or packing, mainly because I do three things:

1) plan ahead,
2) keep myself organized, and
3) pack only what I need.

I've never understood people who just haphazardly throw items into their suitcase the night before a trip without putting any thought into it—you'll be so much less stressed when you are traveling // arrive at your destination if you plan ahead and pack thoughtfully. And, getting organized doesn't have to take a lot of time—it takes me about 20 minutes to build my packing list, another 10 to pull all of the items, and a final 10 to pack and organize everything in my suitcase.

I once talked on my Instagram Story about my meticulous packing list, and I got SO many messages from you all wanting to know the method for how I organize everything before I put it into my suitcase. So... I made a packing list that you can print for yourself!

Here is what my typical packing list looks like:

And here is the blank version, for those of you who want to print it and use it yourself!

If you end up printing this packing list and using it, tag me on Instagram so that I can see, or leave me a comment below! I hope it helps you all stay more organized for any upcoming summer getaways you have planned.