Fall Bucket List


I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and had no real seasons when I was a kid. Fall meant 90 degree days and maybe 80 degree nights. There was no apple picking, pumpkin pie or changing of the leaves, really.

Then, I went to college in Washington state. I got my first true dose of full seasons -- hot, humid summers, fall with leaves changing colors and that crisp breeze in the air, and winters that were below zero.

Now that I'm back in SF, I still don't really have a fall until late October or November. But there are still some items I want to check off my fall bucket list. What do you want to accomplish this fall?

-- Make a pie from scratch

-- Watch all of the fall season premiers (hellooooo Ladies of London, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Scream Queens!)

-- Go apple picking

-- Decorate for Halloween

-- Hand out Halloween candy to trick or treaters

-- Watch Hocus Pocus

-- Have a scary movie night

-- Bake pumpkin bread

-- Sip apple cider

-- Carve a pumpkin

-- Take a foggy morning walk

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Emily Piskulick