For the Boys: Traveling in Style

Fun fact about Josh: before we met, he could count the number of times he had been on an airplane on one hand.

Fun fact about me: I traveled for the first time when I was just a few weeks old, and have been on hundreds (if not thousands) of flights since.

This racking up of miles means that I'm an incredibly prepared and organized traveler. I have everything down to a science—I have my favorite luggage, my favorite travel bags, and my favorite way to pack. I could pack for a weekend trip in 15 minutes flat—give me 30 for a week long vacation. (Seriously.)

But for Josh, these things come a bit less naturally. I remember one of the first times we traveled together, he left his luggage at airport security (he was frazzled with the whole process) and about 10 minutes after we sat down at our gate, he frantically asked, "Do you have my bag?!" To which I replied: "Why would I have your bag?", and he had to sprint back to airport security, hoping someone hadn't headed off on another flight with his luggage. (Luckily, it was still sitting right where he left it, and all was well.)


Let's Talk Toiletries

Over the years I've imparted some travel wisdom on him: get TSA Precheck to make your life much easier, set price alerts for trips you really want to take, and pull the trigger when it's your dream vacay (hello, London and Paris). Oh, and one more thing: invest in great travel essentials, like a toiletry kit you love.


Josh is surprisingly picky about his toiletries, and no less so when it comes to the container that houses them. This Harry's Travel Kit is right up his alley—no frills, just a good design and plenty of room for the basics. Plus, it's made from water-friendly fabric (unlike his last toiletry kit), so he can splash it on the bathroom counter and it holds up just fine.

Shop the Travel Kit + more of my Harry's favorites (including this Shave Gel that I use) below!