How to Get Organized for the New Year


It's here: 2018!

I am so excited about the clean slate that's happened today: a new year, a new planner, and a new outlook on life. I've never fully understood why people wait until January 1 to make changes, but hey, I'll take it.

Here are just a few of the ways I'm getting organized for 2018 to hit the ground running, and you can too:

one // get a new planner

I love starting my year off with a new planner. It's so nice to have a clean slate, full of new ideas and plans. I linked to a few of my favorites above!

two // set your intentions

Resolutions, intentions, whatever you want to call them—just write them! Now that you have your new favorite planner or journal, write down a few of the things you want to accomplish in the coming year so you can track your progress. Here are a few of mine!

three // make plans

The only way you're actually going to do what you want to is to make plans, and stick to them! If you want to try more restaurants in 2018, then book reservations now. If you want to finally stick to that workout routine, book classes or buy a gym membership so that you feel obligated to go. If you want to travel more, start researching flights and set up alerts. Having plans made in advance makes it easier to actually follow through on the things you want to do this year.

four // have fun!

Hopefully, all of your New Years resolutions and plans for 2018 will lead to a healthier, happier you. Isn't that all what we're looking for, in the end? Here's to taking it seriously enough to actually accomplish your goals, but having fun along the way.