Guest Post | She's Charming


Hello Dear Serendipity readers! We’re so honored to be back and sharing some tips for women on the go. At She’s Charming, we focus on being modern, authentic women and we do so by developing ourselves in six different areas of life -- cook, explore, decorate, style, career and self -- but we know that it isn’t easy to juggle it all. That’s why we’re sharing our tips on how to stay well rounded in the midst of busy living. We hope you find our tips helpful!


Dani: Consider implementing a take-out night. We all know home-cooked meals are often healthier and cheaper, but it’s such a relief to have one night a week designated as a night off from cooking. Perhaps you’ll have Thai Tuesdays or Chinese food every Wednesday -- give yourself permission to take a night off every week without feeling guilty.

Katie: Spend your Sunday evenings preparing a big batch of something you love. Lately I’ve been into making lettuce taco wraps and will prepare a few lunches worth of meat. That way I can just grab some to go for lunches. A few hours spent preparing what you love will benefit your wallet and your time.


Dani: Plan a regular time for exploring your city. Maybe you try a new coffee shop every Saturday morning, or a new restaurant the third Friday of every month. Even if it isn’t often, having a built-in time will set a fun rhythm that encourages you to get out and explore.

Katie: Make a plan to actually use your vacation time for vacation. No matter how much you want to take a “personal day,” try powering through the week with a good attitude. Vacation days are like gold and are not to be squandered. Since working with my company for a year and a half, I haven’t taken a single vacation day, but have saved up enough to take two big trips in the next six months (Paris and Mexico, here I come!). It values almost everyone to take a big trip every few years; for the sake of your soul and perspective.


Dani: If you just moved into a new place and you’re struggling to get things settled, give yourself a hard deadline. My husband and I were dragging our feet about decorating our apartment, so we planned a house-warming party and invited all our friends. Trust me, that was plenty of motivation to get it done!

Katie: Keep things clean and simple. I tend to have an inclination toward collecting knick knacks with sentimental value but too many make my apartment feel cramped. I’ve been paring things back on the decorating side and sticking to statement pieces. Having less clutter motivates me to stay cleaner throughout the week.


Dani: My go-to look these days in a casual outfit topped with a sparkly statement necklace. I stay comfortable all day, but the blingin’ necklace makes my look more formal for work or going out afterward. It’s so easy!

Katie: I’ve been really into easy summer dresses lately. They are so flowy and comfortable for long days at the office. Pair with some sandals and a scarf and you’ve got the perfect summer look for work and weekends.


Dani: Stay curious. Actively look for those side projects that will not only set you apart from the rest, but will feed your curiosity and challenge you to keep growing your skill set. Putting in a little extra time now might just save you time in the long run.

Katie: Know how to be effective at your job. Communicate, work, write, and think effectively. Don’t sacrifice quality, but know how to do your job well and efficiently and you will be respected for it.


Dani: Be positive! Even when you’re pressed for time, if you maintain a good attitude, you’ll have a good perspective on whatever you’re doing and you’ll be an encouragement to those around you. It’s amazing how far you can go with a positive outlook.

Katie: Make time for yourself! So often we get caught up with work, relationships, and responsibilities that can be draining, so consciously put aside a Saturday morning to treat yourself to coffee every once in a while.

I want to extend a huge thank you to the girls from She's Charming for guest posting on Dear Serendipity today. You both inspire me more than you know!

Emily Piskulick