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The holiday traveling is officially beginning as I'm heading to Portland this Friday to visit some of my best friends. Josh and I are catching a late-night flight on Friday night and will be there for a long weekend. When I'm traveling, especially when I'm going through an airport, I have a few basic necessities. First: layer. I always find myself going through so many different temperatures as I walk through an airport and board a plane -- everything from scalding hot to freezing cold. So, I always wear light layers, like this Miss Me tee.

Then, I always wear comfortable, stretchy pants. I love leggings, but what I love even more are pants that look like leggings with leather panels, like these ones. I also wear my biggest boots on the plane, so they don't take up necessary space in my suitcase.

Lastly, I always make sure to bring a big tote. I pack tons of different travel pouches inside of it to keep it organized, but I love one big bag that I can throw all of my goodies into, plus a scarf or jacket. Plus, a large tote ensures I always have room to carry whatever Josh needs me to! I always make sure to travel with: my phone, an extra phone charger + cord, wallet, keys, sunnies + glasses, a pouch with my travel toiletries (chapstick, kleenex, hand lotion, contact case, hair ties, bobby pins and bandaids). I also bring my makeup pouch in my tote, as then I can doll up for dinner or drinks when we land without having to rifle through my suitcase.

I'm dying to know - what are your travel secrets? What are your tote bag must-haves when flying? Let me know in the comments section!

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