Home Updates

I love being at home, which means I'm constantly trying to update little things here and there to keep things fresh and inspiring. Here are a few home updates I've made in the past month or so:

Okay, this Glossier soothing face mist is the bomb.com! You all need to pick it up. I do a quick spritz in the morning and right before bed, and my skin feels so hydrated and well taken care of.

Josh and I shop and eat on Polk St. in San Francisco quite a bit, and we picked up this adorable decorative pillow over the weekend. I'm obsessing over grey and lime!

We are officially "those" pet parents. Josh and I are parents to an adorable 3 year old bunny Pancakes, and we recently discovered Napoleon Bunnyparte, an amazing bunny toy company. How cute are these little weights?!

One great part of splurging on Valentino's is the beautiful box that comes with it. I collect my shoe boxes, and I love putting them on display.

One of the many things I share with my mother is our love for lavender. Mom picked this up for me at the Ferry Building Farmers Market a few months back, and it smells so great in our bedroom.

I have a thing for Heath Ceramics, and their bud vases are to-die-for. This one resides on Josh's nightstand, and I love popping in a fresh flower for him to wake up to.

I love reusing jars (another thing I got from my mother). I save Grey Poupon jars, candle containers and mason jars to store flowers in. These Meyer's candles make great flower jars!

I recently picked up Maker's 46 for Josh as a sweet surprise and he absolutely loves it. If you're looking for a good whiskey, it's highly recommended! We also have been cooking from our Williams Sonoma "Chicken Night" cookbook lately -- it's full of yummy chicken recipes.

Fresh flowers and new candles are my thing. These Vintage Spruce candles from Target were big around the holidays and my mom gave me a few of them to take home with me when Josh and I went to Phoenix a few weekends ago. I love the fresh, homey smell!

My sweet friend Claire gifted Josh and I this "E" letter for the holidays and we've hung it up over our entry-way mirror and see it every time we walk in our door. It reminds me of our great friends and warms my heart!