Beauty Secrets: How Glossier Solution Changed My Skin


Let's talk about skincare.

I'm someone who has always had fairly clear, porcelain skin. I've never had major skin issues, and I never had terrible acne as a teenager.

But as I got older—once I hit 24—I started getting random cystic pimples on my chin that hurt so badly, and wouldn't go away for weeks on end. They're the kind that don't stick out too much, but hurt so badly and linger forever. On the whole, I still have great skin. But these pesky little blemishes every once in a while definitely hurt, and are something I knew I wanted to do something about.


I've been a Glossier fan for years, so when Solution launched I took the plunge and knew I had to check it out.

What it Is

Glossier Solution is a face exfoliator. It's supposed to clear, brighten, and smooth your face. It has a bunch of ingredients that are supposed to help your skin, like Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Salicylic Acid.

how i use it

Every night, I wash my face and take off my makeup. Then, I use an Arcona toner pad to get the final junk off the surface of my skin. After that's done, I prep a Glossier cotton pad with some Solution. I then spend about 20 seconds rubbing it all over my face, focusing particularly on my problem areas, like my chin.

how it's helped

Within 24 hours of using Solution, I noticed my skin was much softer and brighter. You know that feeling after you spend a long time in the sun, and your skin is sun-kissed and gorgeous? That's how my face felt after the first day or so.

But what I noticed about a week later is how the bad cystic acne I had when I first started using Solution was gone—and not just that, but in a typical week, I would have gotten a few more, and they never came. So not only was Solution clearing up the blemishes I did have, but it was actually preventing new ones from forming.

Fast forward a few months later: I'm still using Solution every night, and my skin is still perfectly clear. I finally feel 100% confident not wearing makeup or having to cover something up if I ever do get a blemish.