How to: Avoid Burnout

We all have a lot going on, and sometimes it's hard to keep everything afloat. I'm no rockstar at balancing it all (if anything I'm always trying to get better and better at avoiding burnout), but I've learned a few trips along the way that allow me to juggle so many things at once. They are:

This is something I always want (and need) more and more of—alone time. I'm a pretty serious introvert, which means I need time alone to recharge and relax. The more you have going on, the more important it is to FORCE yourself to take time outs and be alone.

I live with my boyfriend, which means the second I get home it's my natural instinct to hang out with him all night. But in the back of my mind, I know that if I want to avoid burnout, I need to take some time for myself, go into my bedroom, shut the door, and just be for a few minutes (if not longer). It's one of the first things I suggest busy people do.

It may sound counter-intuitive to add more to your plate when you're a busy bee, but hear me out. If I have something to look forward to (ex: a dinner with friends, date night, a weekend getaway), I'm more likely to take time off and make time for what's really important. Josh and I have started getting in the habit of sitting down at the beginning of the month and planning out date night reservations, movies we want to see and even weekend trips up North so that we make to spend time together, uninterrupted.

There's so much in life we have to do—work, pay bills, grocery shop—but when was the last time you did something just for fun because you love it? I love photography, writing, and exploring the city—and sometimes, I just wander out on the weekend to do those things for no other reason than to enjoy myself. I think the older I get, the more I realize not everything is about responsibility and being an adult: sometimes, you just have to have some fun.

Last tip for avoiding burnout: find what calms you down. The busier you are, the more susceptible you are to stress, anxiety, and burnout. Instead of ignoring that fact, learn how to plan for it. There are so many tools you can use to deal with stress in the moment—lavender essential oils, stress blends for your diffuser, etc.

In addition to those, think about activities that you can do when you're feeling stressed that make you leave your mind for a few minutes or short period of time. For me, that's cooking—when I'm completely focused on something else and have to pay attention (without technology), that's when I can really calm down.

What are your tips for avoiding burnout? Let me know in the comments section!