How to Be More Confident (When You Don’t Feel Confident At All)

Certain things come naturally to people—like confidence. I've always been a fairly confident person, but even people who are born confident have their moments where they lack all assurance in themselves.

Sometimes you're just having a down day, sometimes it's a phase that lasts longer than that. Sometimes you question everything, for absolutely no reason. When I'm feeling that way, here's what I do:

1. Read a book that makes you feel better.

I have a go-to book that I read whenever I'm feeling down: Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day. It's all about positive thinking and your path to happiness. It's a five-minute read (max!) and it makes any shitty day better. It instantly makes me feel more confident in myself.

2. Pick out your best clothes.

Starting your day with the outfit you feel best in is the easiest way to ensure you'll feel confident all day long. Nothing that you have to pull at or fidget with all day, either—put on something you instantly feel comfortable and confident in.

3. Write down what you love about yourself!

This sounds crazy, but hear me out. For those times you're questioning everything and feel like you have nothing to be confident about, make a list of the qualities you love about yourself and the things you're most proud of accomplishing. Seeing everything in one place will make you feel better. And, you can hang onto it for the next time you need a little reminder in how great you are.

4. Listen to happy music.

I have a playlist that's just dedicated to feel-good songs, for moments like these. I love turning it on, busting out some Beyoncé and putting a smile on my face.

What do you do when you need a confidence boost?