How To: Build the Bar Cart of Your Dreams for the Holidays


I'm not a huge drinker, but there's nothing I love more than making a fancy cocktail or pouring myself a glass of nice champagne for no reason other than just to enjoy it. Especially around the holidays—it's so festive!

I love a well-stocked bar cart. There's something comforting about knowing that I'm well-stocked in case someone drops by after work, or in case we want to mix up something special. Here are my tips for keeping a well-stocked bar:


One // Cover the Basics

The big four hard alcohols to have on hand are gin, vodka, whiskey, and tequila. I also try to have three kinds of wine: something white, something red, and something sparkling. My favorite place to stock up is BevMo!

Two // Put Those Travel Sizes to Good Use!

I find myself collecting travel-sized airplane shots throughout the year—and I always keep them on my bar so it's top of mind to use them up. They're the perfect size for a little cocktail!

Three // Don't Forget The Mixers—and Fruit

While it's typically all about the booze, you can't forget all of the mixers. We keep tonic, club soda, and a fruit juice on hand—plus limes and lemons. We also have things like Campari, vermouth, grenadine and simple syrup on our bar for those who want to get a bit fancier.

Four // Odds and Ends Matter

Be sure to pick up little things like cloth cocktail napkins, straws, a cool bottle opener, and snacks readily available on top of my bar. Here are some of my favorites: