How to Constantly De-Clutter Your Life

If you know me in real life, you know I'm a bit of a clean freak. I like everything to be super organized and everything in our apartment (and my life) has to have a strong purpose and use, or else it's gone.

It's hard though—because being a blogger, I get sent a lot of products to test and try out. I also love shopping for both clothes and goodies for my home. So, over the years I've had to balance my desire for new things with my strong internal desire to minimize the amount of clutter and stuff in my apartment.

Do you want to live a more streamlined life? Here are some of my best tips for constantly de-cluttering:

One // Don't even let it enter your home.

Clutter seems to have a way of finding its way home with you—but don't let it! A lot of times I get things, whether it's in the mail or throughout my day, that I go through in my entryway before I really even enter my home. I literally stop in my doorway and go through it all before it finds its way onto my shelves or into my life.

Two // Only keep what genuinely brings you joy.

As I'm going through new things, I only keep the things that I don't think I can live without. I know it's tempting to keep things from gift bags after events or things that friends or family give you (because how could you say no?!) but clutter can get out of hand really quickly. When I go through new pieces, I only bring things home and put them away if I genuinely LOVE them, and couldn't imagine my immediate life without them.

P.S. A note here on nostalgia. It's totally normal to want to keep things just because your mom gave them to you, or they bring back happy memories. I have a few things like this—but it's all about limiting it to just a few things. Once you have more than a handful, you need to think long and hard about why you're holding onto so many things.

Three // When you bring something home, get rid of something else.

If I go out shopping and know I need a new blouse, it's typically to replace one that I want to get rid of at home. Same goes for pillows or any home items—if I bring home a pillow cover that I love, I get rid of the old one. It requires discipline but having a 700 square foot apartment definitely forces me to curate my collection of things.

Four // Dedicate a day a month to purging.

People talk a lot about spring cleaning. For me, spring cleaning is a constant state of mind. I'm always editing, curating, and selecting pieces that get to stay—and clearing out those that don't deserve a spot.

Even though I'm always tidying, I try to dedicate one weekend day a month to clearing things out that may have gotten a bit overrun in the past month. This includes bathroom cabinets and products that may have found a new home, my dresser drawers and my closet. Setting aside the time to focus on these areas allows you to really commit to getting rid of things on a regular basis.

Five // Find new, clever ways to recycle.

Whether it's actually recycling and donating your items to places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or giving items to your friends or family who could use them more than you can, purge things to people who can use them the most.

What are some of the ways that you constantly de-clutter your life? Let me know in the comments section!