How to Spring Clean Your Home


My favorite time of year is here: spring cleaning!

I absolutely love spring cleaning. I love refreshing my home each year, and it's something I try to do not just in the springtime, but year-round. My most-asked questions over the years always revolve around my house and how I keep it so organized and tidy. To be honest, a lot of it comes naturally to me: I'm usually very put together, and I like having a minimal, clean space.

But some things can be taught—including how to successfully spring clean! Here are my best tips for lightening and brightening your home:

one // make a plan

Whenever I spring clean, I plan on it ahead of time. If you wait to be "in the mood" to spring clean, it might never happen—and you'll end up putting it off forever. Instead, find an open weekend day (yes, I devote a full day!) to spring clean, and keep your schedule wide open.

two // stick to a schedule

Once you have your day picked and on your calendar, make a checklist of all of the places in your home you want to clean out, and how much time you have to allot to each. I know it sounds crazy, and you might not stick to the exact schedule, but seeing how many things you have to accomplish in a day all laid out will help keep you on track. An example of how mine looks is below!


three // take everything out—seriously, everything

When I set out to clean an area of my own home, I remove everything from the space first. Take the bathroom, for example. When I'm spring cleaning my bathroom, I remove everything from my cabinets, under my sink, etc. I lay it all out in a separate place (i.e. the floor in my entryway, or somewhere close where I can see everything in one place) and I do two things: 1) clean off the surfaces you've removed everything from, and 2) weed through all of the items. This is where I decide what I want to keep, donate, and sell (but with beauty products, it's really just keep or donate).

four // get in there

Don't be afraid to really get in there, and look at your items with a certain level of scrutiny. I'm the first to say "I want to live with less", so this is probably easier for me than it is for most. But I genuinely look at each item and ask what it's purpose is, and if it brings me joy or not. If you're holding onto things for purely nostalgic reasons, or items in your closet that don't fit anymore because you might "one day" be able to wear them, you need to re-evaluate your motivation for keeping things and be honest with yourself.

five // keep, donate, sell

I always organize everything during spring cleaning purges into three categories—keep, donate, and sell. I try to have the keep portion be 50%, and the donate/sell portion be 50% for real, serious purges. I distinguish between donate and sell by using these parameters:

  • Sell: Anything in good condition (or better!) that has a monetary value worth listing for sale

  • Donate: anything that's well loved, or that won't get you much value at a sale (i.e. t-shirts, certain brands, etc.)

  • trash: some people are against throwing anything away, but hear me out. things you donate should not be "scraps" or ruined items—those in need deserve dignity, too. i try to trash things with serious stains, rips, or holes, or things that are completely ruined and can't be worn/used. if it no longer functions as it was intended to when you purchased it, odds are you can trash it.

six // take stock of what you need now

This is my favorite part of spring cleaning—the shopping you get to reward yourself with afterwards! Since I tend to get rid of a lot and try to clear out 50% of my belongings or items each time I do a big purge, I keep a running list as I go of items I could see myself replacing those I just got rid of with. For example, if I get rid of 5 unflattering blouses that never really fit right or that I grew out of, I'll replace it with one, high-quality blouse from a brand I love in a hue I'll wear for years to come. Replacing the quantity with quality is the best part of spring cleaning!

what are your best spring cleaning tips? do you love it as much as i do? let me know in the comments section below!