How You Can Help Las Vegas + Puerto Rico Right Now

In the last few days, I've found it hard to find the words to talk about pretty things, like fashion and my favorite beauty products. Let's be honest—it's been hard for the past year or so, but that's a different story.

With the wreckage in Puerto Rico and the mass shooting in Las Vegas, I've been particularly stunned, and unable to comprehend how I can help or where to even start moving forward. But we can't sit around and do nothing—we have to act, now. Thoughts and prayers are great, but now is the time for action.

Here are a few things you can do if you're looking to help someone out in Las Vegas or Puerto Rico right now:

One // Donate to the Red Cross

The Red Cross is typically the first organization on the scene with relief efforts, and it can always help in times like these.

Two // Donate Directly to Puerto Rico

100% of the proceeds that are donated to United for Puerto Rico will immediately benefit those affected in Puerto Rico right now. Here is a list of other charities in Puerto Rico that could use your donation—like UNICEF, Save the Children, and Global Giving.

Three // Call your Representatives

Feeling frustrated? Want to encourage your elected officials to make a change? Learn how to call them—and what to say.

Four // Support Local Mental Health Facilities

An organization called Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada is currently supporting local families and victims in Las Vegas by providing emotional and mental health support. Having these mental health conversations is vital to dealing with tragedies like this, and we should support them in any way that we can.

Do you have any charities you suggest donating to right now to help either Puerto Rico or Las Vegas? Let me know in the comments section!