Instagram Update

Sometimes I post things on Instagram and just assume everyone who follows my blog sees it, but then I remember that some of you probably aren't following me there, so I like to do little Instagram roundups to show you what you may have missed.

Check out the last few weeks of my life on Instagram below:

My go-to work outfit lately has been a blouse, jeans, a little heel and a trench coat. It's a classic combo!

I'm so much happier when my bedside table has fresh flowers and a yummy-smelling candle on it.

Those of you who follow college basketball out there will know Gonzaga (my alma mater) is going to the National Championship tonight, and I've never been more excited!

Another workwear outfit — a classic white Equipment blouse, my favorite J.Crew jeans and Dolce Vita mules.

Josh is the sweetest and brought me home my favorite flowers, Gerbera Daisies, the other day. Paired with my new favorite scent (this Mrs. Meyer's Peony Dish Soap), my kitchen is having a pink moment. I also really want the hand soap!

San Francisco is a lot of things: expensive, crowded, and has too many people packed into a small space. But when it hits spring and we have 75 degree days, I'm remembered of why I live here. There is nothing better than San Francisco sunshine!

I picked up these Alta Palla blood orange sparkling drinks at Whole Foods the other day, and I discovered my new favorite cocktail: a blood orange gin fizz. So refreshing!