Our Favorite (And Least Favorite) Things About San Francisco


Josh and I have officially lived in SF for almost four years (!!) and we have loved every second of it. Yes, there are definitely some highs and some lows, but overall I absolutely love calling this city home.

I wanted to take a look back at the last few years and think about what our favorite—and least favorite—parts of living in San Francisco are:

our least favorites

one // the cost of living

Let's just get this one out of the way, shall we? San Francisco is EXPENSIVE, man. And yes, you make a lot of money living here. But so much of it goes out the door between rent and the general cost of living. Saving is really tough in a city with living costs as steep as San Francisco.

two // the lack of concern for the homeless

Josh and I have lived in a few different neighborhoods in SF in the past few years. We started our journey here in Russian Hill, which is picturesque—with sweeping views of the Bay, at the top of Russian Hill, our first apartment was idyllic. It even had a cable car line in front of it.

Our second apartment is in SoMa, which is the much more downtown, urban, central neighborhood and is much closer to where both of us work. I love SoMa—it's so convenient, and there are new restaurants and shops popping up every day. But living in SoMa has been eye-opening: mainly, to everyone's apparent disregard for the homeless population in this city. Our entire street is full of tent camps, and no one seems to be doing anything about it. It's a complex issue, but it's also definitely a sober dose of reality leaving our apartment each morning.

three // "silicon valley" bros

I mean, you've all heard the stories at Uber. Entitlement runs rampant in this city, and unfortunately it's not getting better—if anything, I've noticed it getting worse.


our favorites

one // the weather

Oh, San Francisco. How I love your weather so. Never too hot (except for that one 100 degree day last year) and never too cold (literally, does it drop below 50 here?), it's just right. I can count on being able to wear jeans, flats, and a tee (while always grabbing a light jacket on my way out) pretty much 365 days of the year.

two // the food

Where do I even start with all of the amazing—spectacular!—food in this city?! Whether you're looking for food trucks or five-star cuisine, there's something new and exciting opening up in SF pretty much daily.

three // the opportunity

Whenever I talk to my friends in other cities who are job searching, I start to almost feel bad for them and the lack of cool places to work in their 'hoods. San Francisco is the land of opportunity. Just name it, and there's probably a startup in SF doing it.

four // diverse neighborhoods

In SF, there's a neighborhood for every type of personality. If you like classic, old apartments (that used to be homes), you've got Pacific Heights. If you like more downtown, modern vibes, we have that too. There's a beach, beautiful bridges, sweeping parks, amazing shopping areas: what more could you want?

five // california

There is truly no better state. God, I love it here! Just cruise down the coast one time in your life, and try to think of a more beautiful place. I love everything about California—wine country, southern California beaches, the food, the people—I could go on and on. It would be very hard to get me to leave this state.