Just Right

J.Crew boy shirt // J.Crew white jeans // J.Crew coat // Steve Madden boots // Madewell tote (here in brown/black) // Jawbone UP24 // David Yurman bracelet // Sun & Stone bangle c/o // Samantha Wills Aries bangle c/o

I've never been able to be all one thing -- I've never identified as preppy, or classic, or trendy, or feminine -- instead, I'm often a mixture of these things. Whenever I feel an outfit going too far in one direction, I have to add the opposite feel so that it doesn't get dull. I was putting on my favorite boy shirt and white jeans the yesterday when I realized I looked like a J.Crew ad, so I added my favorite combat boots to change the feel. It's little additions like this that make me love fashion so much -- with just one accessory (or, in this case, a pair of winter boots) you can completely change the vibe of a look. That's great, isn't it?

Also, yes, it really is this snowy in Washington right now. I'm still sniffly so I can't say that I'm enjoying it too much, but it is quite beautiful, no?

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