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While I no longer get a true "winter break", I'm still going to be taking a week or so off this year from work to hang out with Josh + my family, travel to Phoenix to see my mom and shop for presents for everyone. Call me crazy, but part of me is already thinking about easy winter layers to pack for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I love Miss Me blouses and sweaters because they're great layering pieces without being overwhelming, which is great for when I visit my mom in Phoenix, because it doesn't get too chilly there. Definitely not the place to bust out your puffer jacket or parka!

This white blouse is so great because it's not just another white blouse - it has some flare. I'm typically not one to embellish anything but a simple stud here and there can definitely add some spark to an otherwise plain white blouse (which, believe me, I have a million of. My white tee and white blouse collection is a little out of hand!). I'm also obsessed with this sweater - it's so soft! I hate sweaters that are too thick or too warm, because I always end up taking them off. This sweater is perfectly chunky for winter while also being breezy enough that I can wear it all day without having to take it off.

While I definitely gravitate towards a blouse, sweater, jeans and booties (hello winter wardrobe!), think outside of the box! If you have warmer days, try pairing your Miss Me sweater with some cute shorts and heels for a night out, or even a skirt and knee-high flat boots for a winter work look. Mix things up a bit this holiday season!

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