Let's Talk Hair

Let's. Talk. Hair.

I am very particular about my hair. I've never been someone who had "cool" hair that looked best unkempt or casual (although I dream of having French girl "just woke up" locks) and it lays perfectly straight, no matter what I do to it. It's definitely easy to manage, but not the most exciting hair in the world.

I've also been thinking lately about what I want out of my hair—it's really smooth and hydrated, but it could use some volume and some oomph. Then, I found Prose. Prose is a personalized hair care company that makes shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks customized to your unique hair type. You just take a quick quiz about your hair as it is now, and what your hair goals are: and then they customize a formula and routine for you. Did I mention all of their products are also sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free—AND the branding is customized and on point? Sign me up.

dear-serendipity-prose-hair-2 2.jpg

my ingredients

Just a few of my custom ingredients include castor seed oil to keep hair smooth and reduce split ends, sunflower seed oil to keep your scalp clean, algae to provide a super-soft feel, and wheat + soy amino acids to prevent heat damage.

the results

Whenever I try a new hair care product (or anything beauty related, for that matter) I give it at least a week—sometimes more—to see how it works not just on day one, but on day seven. I was so excited to see that Prose did everything I wanted and more: including giving me some much-needed volume and shine.

Take the quiz now to get your own personalized Prose set!


Disclosure: I received product from prose for this post. all opinions are my own!