Little Ways to Reset A Derailed Week


We all know even the best of weeks can turn sour. Sometimes I'll head into a week with the best of intentions and a plan all laid out, and then midway through the week, work has been overwhelming or something else has gone south and I'm in need of a serious reset.

Instead of calling the whole week a wash and waiting for the next one to come around, here are a few tips on how you can reset a derailed week:

one // take a restorative yoga class

I recently found a yoga class in San Francisco that's so calming and relaxing, I leave feeling like a different person. No matter what's going on in your week, if you spend an hour doing restorative yoga and stretching in a quiet, dark environment, you will leave with a new outlook on life.

two // catch up with old friends

My best friends live in different cities, which makes it really hard to have a gab session on the couch while drinking a bottle of our favorite wine mid-week. But what we've started doing is scheduling Google Hangouts throughout the week so we can catch up on each other's lives. After an hour of gossiping with my friends, I feel instantly better.

three // do something you love

I know it can be tempting to fall back into old ways when you're stressing out over something and just lay on the couch, scrolling through Instagram. But what if, instead, you did something you love or have always wanted to try, like rock climbing, a pottery class, or going to check out a new art exhibit.

four // indulge in a great meal

Whether you're making it yourself or trying out a new restaurant in town, sometimes all you need to reset a shitty week is a great big bowl of some comfort food. For me, I always fall back on something like homemade spaghetti and a big glass of red wine—you can never go wrong with anything that makes you feel better.

what are your go-tos for resetting a shitty week? let me know in the comments section!