Meet My New Favorite Brand: Skylar Body


Fragrances and candles—they’re similar, no? My taste in both is the same: or so I thought. I tend to like clean, crisp scents, sometimes with a hint of floral notes, but nothing too overpowering. So when I discovered Skylar Body and realized they make fragrances AND candles in the same scents, I knew I had to try them out.

After all, if I love a scent to wear, I’ll love it in my house too, right? Right.


When Skylar Body so generously offered to send me some of their new candles and scents to try out, I jumped at the chance. Especially because it was right before two big trips where I’d be wearing a fragrance every day (and am in the market for a new one!) so I’d have plenty of opportunity to try them out and see what I liked.


Skylar sent me two scents—Isle and Coral—in both their fragrances and candles, which just launched. I took the scent quiz on their site to see which scent would be best for me, and I actually got Isle as my recommended scent.


Here’s what I thought: Isle is very clean and fresh—it smells like a spring day—whereas coral is very sweet, and a little more playful. I wish you could smell these through photos because they smell wonderful! I would definitely say I prefer clean and fresh (Isle was my favorite for every day!) but here’s what’s interesting: I prefer scents like Coral—which are a bit bolder—for special occasions or for my home in the form of a candle. I wore Coral to my cousin’s wedding and it was the perfect statement for a warm spring day.

Besides how great their scents are, there are a few other things about Skylar Body that I love: how clean all of their ingredients are (did you know a lot of fragrance is filled with really gross chemicals?!) and how simple and purposeful their branding is. I love having these bottles displayed in my bathroom prominently!

Be sure to shop fragrances and candles at Skylar Body now. And, thanks to Skylar Body for providing the product for this post!