Mondays, Man

Cropped Topshop sweater // Michael Kors bag // Acne sunnies // Kenzo high-waisted pencil skirt // Janis Savitt stacking ring // Jimmy Choo pumps // Miss Iny two-tone coat // Saint Laurent clutch // Whistles wool coat

I have to be honest with you - my style as of late has been at a definite turning point. I'm leaving the wardrobe of my college years behind and I'm gravitating towards cooler, chicer and simpler pieces that are a little more current. I never thought I'd ever say that crop tops are cool, but I've seen them paired with high-waisted items (like this maje Kenzo skirt) and I'm digging this "trendier" look. Also, I got this J.Crew coat for Christmas (did I mention it's on sale?!), and it has me swooning over similar pieces. Have you ever gone through a style shift?

Emily Piskulick